Fall 2016 New Hairstyle Trends for Women in NYC

It’s time to get rid of your summer look and welcome in the fall season in style. Summer was fun and you probably rocked some awesome hairstyles. But, now the weather is about to cool down and you need a look that is going to get you through fall and winter and help you welcome in the New Year! Check out the following new fall 2016 hairstyle trends for women in NYC to find your best style.

The Lob hairstyle seems to appear and disappear quickly. This new take on the Lob allows for hair length to be just right. It’s not too short or long. The wavy tresses add volume and the shine adds sophistication. To get this look you will need to discuss the perfect length for you with your stylist.

Textured long layers are the way to go this fall for women with long hair. The fall season often brings windy conditions that will only make this style better. Ask your stylist to cut long layers into your hair to achieve this look. Use a curling iron to create loose waves.

Women with natural curls or waves can easily create this look. Ask your stylist to trim your hair to avoid it getting weighed down. Use products that will keep away frizz and provide shine.

This long pixie cut emphasizes the eyes. It is easy to care for and needs minimal attention. This style is suited for those looking for a trendy short style that is easy to style on-the-go.

This trendy style is bringing back evidence of the shag from yesteryear. The side swept bangs and light layers make this style a must for those looking for a new style or that want to update their bob.

The A-line bob has been a trend for many years. However, this style adds waves and a side part that keeps it modern and exciting. It’s the perfect length to work with when looking for a versatile look. It’s also long enough to pull into a sleek ponytail or braid.

While the wavy bob is absolutely a trend for fall, so is rich color. Go bold this season and express yourself through your hair color. Speak to your stylist for hair color options that are best suited to your skin color.

This conservative look is perfect for women that are concerned about taking the length any shorter. The side swept bangs and sleek style is perfect for casual, business and holiday parties.

Women that are daring and enjoy switching their style will enjoy this pixie cut. Choose a bold hair color and you can rock this style all season long and beyond.

Elle Woods goes retro with this hairstyle. This look is an excellent choice for special gatherings, holidays and parties. During the day it is a blunt cut that reaches the shoulders. You can choose to put it in an updo style, braid it or pull it back into a sleek ponytail.

The bob is one of the most popular styles women request. This version is sassy due to wavy locks framing the face and the rest tucked behind one ear.

New Hair Color Trends for 2016

Dip-Dye is the latest trend to add subtle color to your tresses. You can choose any color to make a statement. As seen in the photo the color is subtle yet modern.

Everyone has heard of highlights. But, have you heard of babylights? The color is placed on very fine strands throughout your hair to create a multi-dimensional look. This is an excellent option for women that prefer to stay close to their natural hair color.

The more daring woman will enjoy Rainbow hair color. Pink, blue and lavender seems to be the most popular colors this trend has to offer. Find out if it’s right for you by discussing this option with your stylist.

Bronde is a mixture of blonde hair with brown. It’s an excellent choice for women that are dedicated to their blonde locks yet are looking for a way to warm up the color for fall.

Opal is one of the newest trends for fall. It is a combination of light gray with hints of lavender and pink. The process of creating this color is quite long but well worth it. Opal is the grown up version of the rainbow color.

Blondes seem to have fun all year long. Spice up your blonde locks by going platinum. It is a refreshing look for fall that will bring you straight through to the New Year.

Women with black hair will be able to rock this trend the best. A hint of blue in your hair will be highlighted as the light hits it. This trend is so subtle it will be acceptable in the boardroom as well as everyday life.

Creating your style for fall begins with your hair. Decide if you want to be conservative, trendy, daring, sophisticated or stand out from the rest. Style and color are the best way to make a change and create a fall look everyone will envy. Discuss your look with your stylist to help bring out the best in you today!

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